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Texas Instruments VOYAGE 200 Graphing Calculator, VOYAGE200

Complex calculations and graphing become simple with this advanced calculator for science, statistics, math, and engineering


Mfr. Part # VOYAGE200


    Texas Instruments Voyage 200 Scientific Calculator with Graphing - Get the best TI tool for College Calculus, Engineering, and beyond! This latest in the line of TI handhelds is a must-have for College Math and Engineering. The Voyage 200 handheld has a huge 2.7 MB of Flash ROM, lots of pre-loaded Handheld Software Applications (Apps), and a Real-time clock. Not to mention the fact that it comes with the TI Connectivity USB cable for Windows and Macintosh computers. It still contains all of the inherent functionality of the TI-92 Plus, including 3-D rotations and contour plots, symbolic manipulation, systems of equations, syntax listings, and much, much more. The QWERTY Keyboard on the Voyage 200 keeps Programming and note-taking as easy as ever! Computer Algebra System (CAS) enabling you to manipulate mathematical expressions and functions (factor, solve, differentiate, integrate, and more). Easily evaluate mathematical expressions symbolically or numerically.

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  • Differential Equations
  • Linear Algebra
  • Work with vectors, matrices, and matrix computations including echelon form, LU or QR decomposition dot and cross product as well as eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • Real-time rotation of 3-D surfaces and contour graphs help you visualize in 3-D
  • Allows Mathematical expressions to appear on the display the same way as they are written on the board or in texts
  • Uses 4 AAA alkaline Batteries and a Back-up lithium Battery (CR1616 or CR1620). Backup battery pre-installed, and AAA batteries are included.
  • One Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

This product is brand new and comes complete with all manufacturer supplied accessories. USA warranty IS included.

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