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GE 27993GE3 2.4GHz Cordless Phone with CALLER ID and Digital Answering "Display unit"


GE offers this multifunction 2.4 GHz telephone for anyone who wants to receive calls even at long distances from the receiver with the added security of a digital answering system when you're not at home.


  • Flash Function : For access to subscription telephone services like Three-Way Calling and Call-Waiting.
  • Handset Volume Control
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Line-in-Use and Charge Indicators
  • Mute Button : Engage in side conversation without the calling party hearing.
  • One-Touch Redial
  • Redials the last number dialed.
  • Out-of-Range Warning
  • Pause Function : Inserts a pause between numbers when chain-dialing or programming memory.
  • Temporary Tone : Allows pulse/rotary users to easily access tone services.
  • Tone/Pulse Switchable Dialing
  • Two-Way Page and Intercom : Between cordless phone and base unit. Also helps locate lost handset.
  • Visual Ringer in Handset Antenna LED in handset antenna illuminates when phone rings.
  • 40-Name-and-Number Memory
  • Back-Lit Three-Line LCD Shows:
    • Caller's phone number or name and number.
    • Date and time of call.
    • Call sequence number.
  • Caller ID with Type II Call-Waiting Compatibility*
  • Display shows name and number of person calling while you are on the phone with another caller.
  • Dial-Back Function : Quickly dials the number displayed with the touch of one button. You can select any number in memory to dial back.
  • Forward/Reverse Call Review with Delete Function : Allows you to scroll through the list of incoming calls and delete those not wanted.
  • Voice Mail Indicator :
  • If you subscribe to an optional Voice Mail service available from most phone companies, this light alerts you to new messages.

Answerer :

  • 12 Minutes Recording Time Superior, consistent recording quality throughout the life of the answerer.
  • Answerer On/Off with LED Indicator
  • Auto Disconnect : Outgoing announcement stops and resets automatically when any phone in the house is answered.
  • Call Screening Allows you to listen to caller leaving message.
  • Digital Message Counter LED display shows number of messages received.
  • Fully-Digital Recording : -Better reliability--no tapes or tape decks to break, jam, or wear out.
  • Digital microchip provides instant playback of messages--no waiting for tape to rewind or fast forward.
  • Interactive Handset Controls: Allow access to answerer controls via the handset.
  • Memo Function : For use as an electronic "Memo Pad." Leave messages for other members of the household.
  • Ring-Select Switch with Toll Saver (2/5/TS) : You select how many rings before answerer takes the call-two, five, or Toll Saver mode.
  • Super VOX™ : Automatically disconnects when the calling party hangs up.
  • Toll Saver : Delays answering if you have no messages. Allows you to hang up and avoid paying for the call when checking for messages.
  • Touch-Tone Remote Functions With Voice Menu :
    • User-Programmable Security Code For remote access to answerer.
    • Voice Time/Day Stamp
    • Volume Control
  • Desk or Wall Mountable
  • Reversible Charge Design
  • Recharges face up or down.
  • 2.4 GHz Transmission
  • 40-Channel Auto Scan
  • LCD Display
  • Two-Way Page and Intercom
  • Digital Messaging System
  • Type II Caller ID
  • Crystal Clear Phone with Compandor Technology
  • Call Duration Timer
  • Reversible Charge Design
  • Ten- Number Memory
  • Mute Button
  • Handset Volume Control
  • One-Touch Redial
  • Battery-Low Warning
  • Out-of-Range Warning
  • Visual Ringer
  • Backlit Keypad.

Supplied Accessories :

  • BASE

warranty: 90 days.

availability: Usually ships the same business day


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