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CHAUVET ST4000 RGB LED Techno Strobe RGB (120VAC)


Manufacturer: CHAUVET


    The Chauvet LED Techno Strobe RGB is a DMX-512 controllable, flash LED panel made up of highly efficient and super-bright colored LEDs. With a coverage area of 20' x 20' and features like blackout/static/dimmer/strobe, RGB color mixing with or without controller, an additional power output for daisy chaining units, and low power consumption, the LED Techno Strobe RGB is sure to impress you and your audience.

    The LED Techno Strobe can operate in three modes: standalone, master/slave, and DMX-512 with 6 channels. Without a DMX controller, it can be operated as a single fixture or together with several other LED Techno Strobe RGB fixtures in master/slave mode. It's also linkable with the LED Techno Strobe and the LED Shadow in standalone mode. The DMX control mode lets you control each individual trait of the fixture and each fixture independently for the greatest flexibility when customizing or creating a show. There are built-in automated and sound-active programs for master/slave and DMX modes. In standalone mode, you can control the adjustable flash rate, dimmer, and static in standalone mode via dipswitches.

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  • 5-channel DMX-512 LED strobe system
  • Blackout and static / strobing
  • Built-in automatic programs
  • Built-in sound programs
  • Dimming
  • RGB color mixing with or without controller
  • Automatic built-in programs with sound activation vLinkable with LED Technostrobe & LED Shadow in stand-alone


  • Beam angle: 28o
  • Footcandles: 51.30 @ 1 meter
  • Lux: 551.99 @ 1 meter
  • Bulb: 192 x LEDs 100,000hrs (64 red, 64 green, 64 blue)
  • Current draw: (peak 12W @ 120V) (inrush 24W @ 120V)
  • Power: 90V - 240V
  • Weight: 4.9lbs (2.22kgs)
  • Master packed: 4pcs / 28.3lbs (12.84kgs)
  • Size: 14in x 9.75in x 6.5in 355.6mm x 247.65mm x 165.1mm

ONE year limited warranty

This product is brand new and comes complete with all manufacturer supplied accessories. USA warranty IS included.

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