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Cerwin Vega TMH-1,TMH1-8 Diaphragm LDHVD1000

We do carry original parts for all Cerwin Vega speakers and Bases.



    Cerwin Vega TMH-1 Diaphragm LDHVD1000, TMH-1, TMH1, TMH 1, TMH-1-8, TMH18, TMH 1-8, JMH-1, JMH1, JMH 1, JMH-1-8, JMH18, JMH 1-8. Vega has used this diaphragm in many different cabinet models such as CV253, CV 253, CV 253, CVX253, CVX 253, CVX 253, V253, V-253, V 253, V30D, V30-D,V-30D, V 30D, V 30-D, V-30-D, V30 D, V35C, V35-C, V-35C,V 35C, V 35-C, V-35-C, V35D, V35-D, V-35D, V 35D, V 35-D, V-35-D, V37C, V37-C, V-37C, V 37C, V 37-C, V-37-C, V37 C, V37D, V37D, V-37D, V 37D, V 37-D, V-37-D, V37 D, D32C, D32-C, D-32C, D 32C, D 32-C, D-32-C, D32 C, MDH1083, and many many more models. There are way too many to list. You may also have and older model that had push button terminals. If you have the push button terminals you will need to remove them and drill the holes larger to fit the new style diaphragm.

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