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Cerwin Vega Speaker Sound System consists of one Active CVA118, two Active CVA28X and 2 speaker stands "Free Shipping"

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    The Cerwin Vega Speaker Sound System consists of 2 - active 8" power speakers and 18" active subwoofer with a 3-channel amplifier, and circuitry housed in a separate compartment on the sub unit's back. A 1400W amp drives the subs, and 2 - 800W amps drive the 3-ways. All of the components are matched for the best possible sound and balance with minimal tweaking. Plug in the power cord, plug in your mixer or other sound source, and you're ready to go!

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    Cerwin-Vega CVA28X -Active High Peformance Dual 8" Full Range Speaker :

      The CVA-28X is a totally integrated, matched, and optimized active speaker system that provides powerful sound in a small, modular package. The system configuration starts with an innovative, 3 way, dual 8" design. The dual 8 configuration was chosen for optimized directivity and extremely clean, off axis response. The custom designed Cerwin-Vega! drivers also provide superior power handling, tight bass and refined mid-range. Finally, a compression driver is placed in the center of the top woofer in a concentric configuration. This design provides time-aligned high frequencies for incredible detail and imaging. Matched to this impressive transducer array is a 400 watt integrated 3-way amplifier. With 800 watts peak output, the amplifier includes a dedicated EQ contour switch optimized for high SPL situations. A Sub/No Sub switch allows users to roll off the low end when used with a dedicated subwoofer, eliminating competing frequencies in the

    Cerwin-Vega CVA118 18" Powered Subwoofer :

      The CVA-118 is a high-performance, compact 18-inch active subwoofer with 700 watts of efficient power output. The legendary Cerwin-Vega woofer design is reflected in this 18-inch woofer offering maximum bass performance with extreme power handling and exceptional low-frequency response. The CVA-118 features built-in amplification for an integrated, all-in-one solution with a powerful 1400 watts of peak power output. A unique and striking cast aluminum grille protects the woofer from, while doubling as a heat-sink to minimize power compression and optimizing driver performance. Housed in a compact hardwood enclosure design the size of a standard 15-inch subwoofer footprint, the CVA-118 is highly portable with a durable Coolex® polyurethane paint. Along with XLR and 1/4” TRS connectors, the CVA-118 has Master/Slave output connectors that allow for multiple CVA subwoofers to be daisy-chained together using a single signal. This compact active sub also features a 35 mm pole-mount socket to accommodate a satellite speaker for full range performance.

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