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B-52 Matrix 2500 Speaker Sound System w/ BBE (Made in USA)



    The B-52 Matrix 2500 Speaker Sound System consists of 2 - 12" 2-way speakers, an 18" subwoofer with a 3-channel amplifier, and circuitry housed in a separate compartment on the sub unit's back. A 800W amp drives the subs, and 2 - 400W amps drive the 2-ways. All of the components are matched for the best possible sound and balance with minimal tweaking. All you have to do is connect the Matrix 2500 system components, plug in the power cord, plug in your mixer or other sound source, and you're ready to go!

    Powerful and complete active PA system with all the performance and strength even in the most demanding environments, 1600 Watts of pure power in 3 channels, including sound maximizer.

    PA system consisting of 2 monitors 12 "two-way and a powerful 18" subwoofer, armed with Celestion Premuim components, compressor / limiter included, circuit protection and built-in wood ultra-resistant birch with Sonic Maximizer integrated.

    The B-52 subwoofer enclosure is divided into 2 separate compartments. The front chamber serves as the cabinet for the cast-frame, 4" voice coil and 18" subwoofer. The rear chamber houses all of the system's electronic circuitry, which includes the amplification for all 3 components, power supply, compressor, and preamps. The subwoofer has a power handling capability of 800W and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

    Each 12" 2-way Matrix 2500 speaker is loaded with a B-52 custom-designed 12" woofer and a 1" titanium diaphragm compression driver, mounted to a 90 x 40 constant directivity horn. The speakers can be pole mounted, used as stage monitors, or flown with built-in 3/8" 16 TPI hardware for permanent installations. For transport, they mount onto the subwoofer's front grille.

    Transporting the Matrix system is easy: Move the subwoofer onto its casters and place the included cover over the subwoofer. Next, pull the included covers over the satellite speakers and close the zippers. It is recommended that you transport the subwoofer and satellites separately. You may transport all the components at the same time by placing the satellite speakers onto the subwoofer's front panel facing down. Secure the satellite speakers to the subwoofer with the included locking strap by fastening it to the bar handles on the side of the subwoofer cabinet.

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  • Designed for easy operation
  • Electronic circuitry fine tuned to match components for best possible sound
  • Amplifier houses all the electronics required to run the system
  • Speakers are designed to be pole mounted (shown with optional speaker stands)
  • Can sit as stage monitors
  • Built-in (3/8" 16 TPI) flying hardware
  • Comes with 3 dust covers
  • Improved B-52 handles.

This product is brand new and comes complete with all manufacturer supplied accessories. USA warranty IS included.

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