Konami Of America Xiaolin Showdown - Nintendo DS 24115

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    Your name is Altair, and you are a deadly assassin living in the year 1191 AD. The Third Crusade is tearing the Holy Land apart, and you must take it upon yourself to become an agent of change and put a stop to the war. Your mastery of the skills, tactics and weapons of the world's most secret clan of warriors makes you the ideal person to defeat both sides of the conflict. Plan your attacks, strike without mercy and do whatever it takes to achieve your objectives.

    Assassin's Creed thrusts you into a living, breathing world in which your decisions and actions all have consequences. Relive the epic spectacle of the Crusades as you explore the Holy Land in the 12th century, complete with lifelike graphics loaded with subtle details and nuances. The intense action features fluid and precise animations as you do battle using a variety of medieval weapons. With an incredible blend of technology, emotion, violence and chaos, Assassin's Creed gives you the chance to shape events during a pivotal moment in human history.

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  • Enjoy total gameplay freedom and eliminate your targets wherever, whenever and however you choose
  • Stalk your prey through richly detailed, historically accurate, open-ended environments
  • Take on enemies in realistic swordfights or fight with medieval weapons
  • Amazing graphics give you the look and feel of the 12th century
  • Live the life of an assassin and learn deadly skills and tactics.

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