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Altec Lansing XA3021 2.1 Acoustic Systems

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    While the previous model is of an austere design, the XA3021 model is completely different. An appearance of this set looks unusual, as if it comes from science fiction movies. By the way, there are a lot of people out there who will definitely like it. Moreover, it can be an excellent present for a gamer.

    All the cabinets of the XA3021 system are plastic. The dimensions of the satellites without the supports are 100x155x100 mm, of the subwoofer - 20x20x38 cm.

    XA3021 satellite

    The support of the speaker is made of varnished steel wire. It's wrapped in rubber is some parts to prevent parasitic vibrations and protect the desk surface. The mount allows tilting the cabinet at any angle. It's important for all models with small loudspeakers the sound field of which has a dominant direction.

    XA3021 subwoofer in the vertical position

    The subwoofer can be placed in vertical or horizontal positions. In both cases it stands on rubber-covered legs. The phase-inverter's hole is located in the speaker's base.

    Wired remote control

    The wired RC measures 55x140x20 mm and it has the following functions and controls:
    • Power button;
    • Volume control;
    • Three presets of the low frequency adjustment system (TV, Gaming, Max-Bass).
    Besides, there are two headphone outputs on the bottom of the remote control, which come in handy in games with two players.

This product is brand new and comes complete with all manufacturer supplied accessories. USA warranty IS included.

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